Bao Ninh Beach – Dong Hoi – an attractive wild beach

Bao Ninh Beach belongs to Bao Ninh peninsula located to the east of Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province. Referring to Dong Hoi or Quang Binh, most people only know Nhat Le Beach, but actually Bao Ninh owns the scenery and beauty that is not inferior to Nhat Le at all. From the city center, through Nhat Le bridge, go straight for a further section, you will come to Bao Ninh square and beach. Bao Ninh Square, built right on the beach, has long become a bustling entertainment area and festival venue of Dong Hoi city.

Bao Ninh Square is a fun place for locals every night

Bao Ninh has an endless stretch of smooth white sand, a great place to become a beach with international standards. Bao Ninh beach is still unspoiled and not crowded like other key beaches.

Bao Ninh beach still retains its wild charm

Traveling to Quang Binh, coming to Bao Ninh, you will be immersed in the fresh and quiet air, you will only hear the sound of the waves whispering, the wind whistling in your ears. By the seashore, green coconut palms interspersed with rooftops, and lovely purple seagulls tried to crawl further away. When the afternoon sun falls, Bao Ninh beach is enchantingly beautiful and has a strange attraction for all visitors.

The image of dawn on Bao Ninh Beach is beautiful and peaceful

You should come here in the early morning to catch the brilliant sunrise on the sea, when the first rays of the day begin to emerge in the distance, the illuminated sea surface becomes beautifully iridescent. Or you can also come to walk barefoot on the beach in the late afternoon, when the sunset falls to close the day, the fishing boats return after the day floating at sea. In addition, visitors can also participate in some sports activities on the beach such as volleyball, football, kite flying… Returning to Bao Ninh’s sea, visitors can also enjoy fresh seafood dishes with a unique cooking style of the people of the sea. If you want to find a place to relax and relax after stressful working days, Bao Ninh deserves to be the ideal destination for you and your loved ones.


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