Dark Cave Phong Nha Vietnam: A Detailed Guide

Dark Cave is both a water cave and a dry cave, discovered in 1990 with a length of nearly 6,000 m and a height of 80m, currently retaining the mysterious wildness due to the lack of artificial lighting system.

With headlamps and specialized equipment, visitors will become professional explorers, explore the underground river system, admire thousands of stalactites with all shapes and shimmering magic.

And especially, visitors will have a very unique and interesting experience at the natural mud pool right in the cave.

In the rainy season, the river’s rising water level has accumulated a young mud layer, forming a large mud lake with enough essential minerals to help guests rest and relax.

In September 2014, the Management Board of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park built a free rope swing system at Song Chay – Dark Cave wharf.

During the program of Quang Binh Cave Festival in 2015, representatives of Vietnam Record Organization directly awarded the certificate for this project as “free rope swing construction with 02 longest cables in Vietnam”.

This is the only project and the first time in Quang Binh, which has attracted a large number of visitors, especially foreign visitors.

Sustainable exploitation based on the available natural elements of the cave, adding many new and attractive services, Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center has been building many unique tour programs for this tourist destination.

  1. Regular Dark Cave tour: experience 02 long and short zip-line routes, ride ducks on the river, kayak and participate in sporty games on the Chay River.
  2. Dark Cave mud bath zip-line tour: In°addition to participating in games°such as regular tours, visitors are also provided with specialized protective equipment to explore Dark Cave under the dedicated guidance of tour guides.
  3. In addition, visitors also experience mud bathing in the only mud lake in Quang Binh.
  4. Next to the marina is Dark Cave restaurant, visitors can choose cold drinks and traditional dishes prepared by professional staff.
  5. For more information, please contact:

Ticket Price:

– Adults (over 1.3m high, weight from 40-90kg): 450,000 VND/person

Including: Zipline through the dark cave, dark cave exploration and mud bathing, Kayak, Zipline river bathing, Adventure bridge, basketball, handball and water sports games, Discovery equipment, safety…

– Children: 150,000 VND/person (1m – 1.3m high, no zipline, use kayak with parents)

Including: Exploring dark caves and mud baths; discovery equipment, safety… water sports games

2.General tour (only for people 1.3m tall and above, weighing more than 40kg and less than 90kg): 270,000 VND/pax (reduced to 230,000 VND/pax until September 30, 2022).

– Children: 110,000 VND/guest (1m-1.3m high, only participating in water games, excluding thrilling games)

Including: Zipline through the dark cave, Kayak, Zipline river bathing, Adventure bridge, water sports games, safety equipment..

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