“Doi May Dang” – Bitter Cloud hill is an extremely beautiful camping site in Quang Binh

Perhaps sightseeing is always an attractive name for everyone because long-distance trips will help us have a relaxing time with family and friends. We should temporarily put aside our busy lives and go somewhere from time to time. And there is a tourist destination in Quang Binh that is peaceful enough to pay attention to, follow Dai Moc Travel to discover “Bitter Cloud Hill” – Doi May Dang.

                                                                                                      Panorama of Quang Binh Bitter Cloud Hill – Doi May Dang

About Bitter Cloud Hill – Doi May Dang

Bitter Cloud Hill – Doi May Dang is not only a very hot check-in place in recent times because of the hilly view, genuine forest, tents, romantic vintage cafe between natural and wild mountains with beautiful music nights. glittering, sparkling starlight. This is also an ideal place for couples to date, hold hands, lean on their shoulders to watch the clouds fly over the top of the mountain, sip hot cups of coffee, listen to melodious love songs and chat. in the tent, under the sky, the rain was falling on the foliage.

Bitter Cloud Hill is also a top destination for team building or family trips with delicious barbecue parties in the middle of the sky, enjoying cold cups of beer in the fresh and pure air. The service here is quite excellent, suitable for us to experience, take virtual photos and have poetic moments with the people we love. If you are wondering which is the destination to warm up for love, then surely Bitter Cloud Hill will be the first choice suitable for those who love dreams and love the lightness and romance of the mountain air. that forest.


How to get to Bitter Cloud Hill?

A destination not far from the center of Quang Binh province, if traveling by motorbike, it takes about an hour by car. Bitter Cloud Hill has a specific address located in Cu Nam – Bo Trach – Quang Binh. A Camping site located right in the middle of what is known as the Cultural and Tourism Village, Bitter Cloud Hill lies peacefully in the middle of the land of “this masterpiece of human spirit”, no wonder it has a simple, rustic appearance. indescribable.


Because the location is relatively far from the center of the province, visitors should also consider many means of transportation to be most suitable. If your trip is of the nature of relaxation and enjoyment, you can use the service  Quang Binh car rental  4 seats, 16 seats, … 45 seats, in addition if your trip is of a nature. quality of traveling, visitors can consider the  motorcycle rental  service accordingly.

The road from the center of the province to Doi May Dang is relatively convenient and easy to go. As soon as they arrive in the territory of Cu Nam village, there will be signs directing visitors to Dang Clouds Hill.

Why is Cloudy Sunny Hill attractive to tourists?

Organize Team Building

This will be one of the leading locations in the chain of locations where each group will choose to organize team building in Quang Binh to increase the cohesion of members in a group together. A place that is both friendly and private couldn’t be more ideal – Bitter Cloud Hill, it’s as poetic as its name.

Let’s blend in with the natural scenery, leaving behind the hardships and sorrows of real life to have moments of silence, sublimated emotions, come and experience.

Camping, bonfire

Contrary to the noisy image above, perhaps this camping and bonfire activity will bring visitors together in a softer way. Cloudy Dan Hill with campfire activities is also an attractive plus point. And there are also delicious dishes served by good quality chefs.

Let’s prepare dinner together

How long has it been since you’ve been in the kitchen with your mother, with your friends, or with your partner? Then, tonight’s dinner allows Bitter Cloud Hill to join you in the kitchen, prepare delicious dishes with your loved ones!

Everyone prepares dinner together

Overnight with “thousand-star hotel”

If the tent has been erected, tonight, under a thousand stars in the sky, Bitter Cloud Hill will be able to witness and accompany visitors through this beautiful night! A simple tent mixed with a few stories of a best friend’s life that has never been told, or the thoughts and dark corners of a partner that have never been revealed make tonight ecstatic in human love. . Experience “thousand-star hotel”

Some notes when camping at May Dang hill

If you intend to choose Camping at Bitter Cloud Hill, first of all, please check the weather forecast before coming here! This will decide 80% of everyone’s fun! Bitter Cloud Hill is an extremely beautiful camping site in Quang Binh, if you intend to spend the night here, you should also prepare the necessary personal items.

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