Duck massage in Phong Nha – Experience tour

One of the unique “destination” that is attracting tourists, especially foreigners, is the Duck Stop “The Duck Stop” in Bong Lai village (Hung Trach commune, Bo Trach district). The owner of Duck Stop “The Duck Stop” is Tran Ngoc Quynh (21 years old), a farmer working here. Quynh’s farm area raises ducks, chickens, buffaloes, cows…

Suddenly, his farm is interested by many foreign tourists passing by, taking photos and even wanting to try playing with ducks, or experience farm work like a real farmer. . Seizing this opportunity, Mr. Quynh opened an agricultural tourism model, turning his duck farm into a Duck Station “The Duck Stop” and unexpectedly it quickly attracted tourists, especially tourists. foreign.

Participating in this unique tour, visitors will experience agricultural work, such as herding buffaloes, herding ducks…, especially the experience of “duck massage”. “Duck massage” is when visitors hold a handful of duck’s food seeds, then sprinkle them on the area under their feet, the ducks will follow and nibble on these seeds until the end, creating the feeling that you are being pampered. massage.

This form of massage reminds people of fish massage in Japan and Thailand. In addition, tourists, especially foreign tourists, are extremely interested in the activities of riding buffalo, herding buffaloes walking around the rice fields, letting buffaloes wade through ditches and doing other farm work of farmers.

On the world’s largest travel website TripAdvisor, many domestic and foreign tourists have rated 5 stars and left good compliments for Duck Station “The Duck Stop”. Most of them expressed satisfaction and enjoyment with the experience here.

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