Quang Binh Quan – An architectural symbol of Quang Binh

Central Quang Binh is not only famous for its vast mountains, lush green hills, famous natural tourist sites, but also famous for its rustic dishes and gentle and honest people. Today, Dai Moc Travel will take you to visit a famous place, known as the symbol of Quang Binh land – Quang Binh Quan.

Quang Binh Quan is a historical relic built in 1639 from the Nguyen lord’s time, is a solid citadel serving the purpose of external attack of  Trinh Lord. The terrain of this citadel is extremely dangerous, located between the ravine separating the North from the land, where many scenes of mourning for the country were witnessed when Trinh-Nguyen quarreled. In 1825, King Minh Mang restored and built more watchtowers on Quang Binh Quan and set this as a historical relic of the country. 1954, Quang Binh Quan was sabotaged by the French army. 1965 was defeated by the US. Today, Quang Binh Quan is not an original but a restored work just like the original.

Quang Binh Quan is a system of ramparts protecting the capital combined with a solid gate, a unique architectural work of Quang Binh today.

Because today’s Quang Binh Quan is a restored work according to the drawings designed by the Nguyen Lord’s advisor Dao Duy Tu, the details are only based on drawings to form. This place is imbued with ancient Vietnamese cultural architecture, but extremely solid and great.Before 1945, Quang Binh Quan consisted of a moat outside the citadel, a brick bridge around the moat, the intersection of Duc Ninh and Cau Hao streets, and a soul on a large cemetery. As one of the three gates of Luy Dau Mau – Nhat Le, Quang Binh Quan is also linked with two more gates, which are Ly Chinh Dai Quan Mon (also known as Upper Gate) and Thu Ngu Gate. According to Dai Nam Unified Book: “the gate is two feet long and one meter wide, two feet and five meters wide; The outer citadel guarding the gate was 14 feet long, 6 meters long, 3 meters high. In the second Minh Mang year (1826), bricks and stones were built.

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