Quang Tri Citadel – indictment of 81 days and nights

In 1972, the war in Quang Tri citadel was extremely brutal. For 81 days and nights from June 28 to September 16, the United States bombed chemical toxins that destroyed heavily the town and Quang Tri citadel. Thousands of soldiers died in this battle.

Quang Tri Citadel is a national historic site


81 days and nights Quang Tri ancient citadel was faulty 328,000 tons of bombs equivalent to the destructive power  of 7 atomic bombs that the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 in Japan.

The 1972 offensive and uprising campaign to liberate Quang Tri province and the fight against the enemy to retake the liberated area of ​​Quang Tri was a glorious victory of great historical significance, a decisive blow to strategic bankruptcy “Vietnamization of war” of the US imperialists in the war of aggression in Vietnam.

This is an important event in the history of the Vietnamese nation’s resistance war against the US for national salvation, contributing to the decisive victory of the diplomatic struggle that forced the US to sign the Paris Agreement, paving the way for a great victory in the spring of this year. 1975, completely liberated the South and reunified the country.


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