1 Day Tour: Paradise Cave Exploration 7000M

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Price from: 2,200,000 VND

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When visiting “Paradise”, everyone immediately thinks that it will be a beautiful place that only seems to be in the imagination. But when coming to Quang Binh, “Paradise cave” – ​​that great beauty, makes visitors think that they are going in a fairyland … Paradise Cave always attracts visitors by the magnificence of the Creator. And exploring the Paradise Cave 7000m, you will be playing the role of a cave explorer with a flashlight on your head, equipped with equipment, and wonderful beauties are waiting for you to explore.


Tour 1 Ngày: Thám Hiểm Động Thiên Đường 7000M
One day tour: Paradise cave exploration 7000M
  • 08:30: The group gathers at the cave entrance to listen to the tour guide convey some information before entering the tour. After a few minutes of rest, your body temperature is air-conditioned and a cool breeze radiates from the cave entrance (about 17-200C), you change your clothes, receive specialized equipment and continue to convert according to the wooden stairs system to visit 1 km of Paradise Cave. Along the wooden corridor are arranged spacious resting spots and reasonable lighting system, you can satisfy watching and painting the magnificent and magnificent beauty of the stalactite system here… Many customers feel it. The landscape is as beautiful as a treasured labyrinth.

  • 9:15-12:00: Explore the first 4km of Paradise Cave End the first 1km tour along the wooden stairs. Following in the footsteps of enthusiastic, experienced guides, you continue the adventure tour, experience – explore Paradise Cave 7000m with a personal flashlight.

    Overcoming the challenges of human courage and perseverance, you can discover and learn about the formation of a system of colorful and rich stalactites. About the first 500m, the cave has a tubular shape, the highest place is more than 80m, the widest place is about 120m, sometimes we encounter tall stalactites sparkling like diamonds; The stalactite columns with pure white color like marble are very attractive only in Paradise cave (7000m). The deeper you go into the stalactites, the more diverse and unique, the stalagmites and stalagmites with a variety of color and designs seem to have a hand of nature bestowed on the world.

    The miracle is that in the darkness of Paradise cave 7000m, there is the life of many creatures such as Fish; Bats; Spiders and Crickets… hundreds of bats hang themselves on the ceiling of the cave at the first 3.5 km, according to the predictions of the British Royal cave explorers, there are certainly doors around here to the outside world. And that’s right, about 200m from the bat cave is the junction of two shallow streams, the cool breeze from the stream blows through, this is a perfect spot. A great place to rest, tall, majestic stalactites emit each sparkling particle, very beautiful metallic luster. Stop at the first 4000m, you choose for yourself beautiful locations and take pictures, keep interesting moments.

  • 12:00-13:00: Lunch, rest at the stream bank (at the 4th km)

  • 13:00-14:30: Get on a kayak to move across the stream, then continue to explore the remaining 3km, to the 7th km (skylight area) the group stops to admire the scenery, take souvenir photos. Then get on the Kayzak boat to cross the stream, this is really the most interesting and attractive part of the journey. The ceiling of the cave is flat like a human hand, the lower it gets to the stream bank, the more visitors have to bend down to get to the boat dock. Right now is the dry season, so we can cross the stream easily, but maybe when the rainy season comes here, the flow is big. Passing over 100 meters on the stream, there are places where we have to lie down on the side of the boat to not touch the ceiling.

  • Leaving the small stream, the next journey, you have the opportunity to test your courage when you have to overcome the craggy and dangerous roads along the shallow stream bed, there are places where the path is only narrow for one person. Passing through, on the other side of the cylindrical stalactite, close to the maze, if there is no guide or sign, it is easy to get lost in another way. After more than 1 hour, we will arrive at the place that is considered the most ideal place of the trip, which is “Heaven’s Well”, from afar, the murmuring stream sounds like a soothing song without lyrics. When only about 50 meters from the destination, a streak of light penetrates from the top of the mountain to the floor like the halo of the universe. Follow the small path on both sides of the cliff to go down to the stream to rest, the scenery here is nowhere to be found. In the middle of the stream are smooth rocks as though they have been carved by the hands of artisans, with different shapes and colors that look very beautiful.

  • Stand in front of the Sky Well – where Paradise Cave connects to the outside world through the vent on the ceiling of the cave. According to the concept of the Eastern people, this is the harmony between heaven and earth that makes all things of the universe proliferate. Nature is so close but always contains mysterious things that are equally interesting! You can immerse yourself in the cool, blue water or explore freely. See schools of fish swimming in the magnificent underground stream that flows through the Sky Well. After enjoying lunch next to the underground stream, you rest, take souvenir photos and prepare your luggage to return to the old journey, ending the experience. 14:30-16:00: The group moves back to the center – End of the program

  • Include: New air-conditioned car for the whole journey Sightseeing tickets, transit vehicles, specialized equipment such as personal flashlights. Clothes, shoes, lifebuoy. Tour guide and service staff, lunch (boxed lunch), drinking water. Travel insurance…

  • Note: The price of Paradise Cave Tour is 7000m including 10% VAT. Do not serve guests under 16 years old and the elderly, weak health. Have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. Before joining the Tour, you must have a commitment to ensure good health. To make the trip according to the time and route announced



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