1 day tour : Phong Nha Cave Exploration 4500M

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Price from: 1,700,000 VND

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Phong Nha Cave Expedition Tour 4500M is a journey of kayaking, walking deep inside the cave, and swimming through lakes and underground rivers with a length of 9km both going and returning in 6 hours to immerse yourself in the water. The cool, blue water of Son Ho in the 300m2-wide cave is part of the Phong Nha underground river known as the “bottomless lake”. You will get a certificate of successfully conquering 4.5 km of underground river in Phong Nha cave after finishing the program.

Exploring the underground river is hundreds of square meters wide with the clear blue water color that really satisfies visitors. Dotted as hidden on both sides of the cave, in the middle of the lake are stalactites, making Xuyen Son Ho more strange and mysterious.

Contact for advice and support: Phone: 0797 228 777

1 day tour : Phong Nha Cave Exploration 4500M


  • Morning: the car and tour guide pick you up at hotels in Dong Hoi city, hotels in Phong Nha area, railway station, airport, Dong Hoi bus station (Free check-in and rest at the company hotel if required). coming soon)

  • 7:30: Departure to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Arriving in Phong Nha, you will receive specialized equipment and change into an adventurer’s outfit, listen to the rules and safety notes before starting the journey through Son Ho.

  • 9:00: You visit the first 1.2km in Phong Nha Cave, the boat takes you deeper inside the cave. Admire the majestic underground river, the magical shimmering stalactites, observe life from the entrance area with shrimps, fishes, bats… After 1.2km, after the last light, the dark area officially appears present.

  • 10:30: Explore the intermediate dark area, you leave the boat to walk past the rocks, narrow passages and giant stalactites, slow down when passing the first 100m to see the shape of the mountains. majestic stalactites.

  • 11:00: You take a rest and have a rustic lunch in a cave by the stream.

  • 12:00: Continue to enter the underground river, cross the small streams, swim through the underground river to the beautiful sand beach, enjoy the feeling of stepping on the velvet smooth sand. Right here, you will experience cave sand bathing, from here the water in the underground river is stronger, the guide will arrange a rope from one point to another point of the river for you to cross the river. Surprised because there are points in the cave suddenly like widening, higher, the light combined with the misty mist created by low temperature, the space is bold. That is Huyen Khong cave.

  • 13:30: Awarded the certificate of “Conquering Son Lake and Exploring 4,500m Phong Nha Cave” successfully, as the best proof of health, courage and perseverance.

  • 15:00: You return to the old way, visit By Ky cave, Tien cave and Cung Dinh cave.

  • 16:00: Boat picks you up and returns to Phong Nha wharf.

  • 16:30: Goodbye Phong Nha, you get on the bus to depart for Dong Hoi.

  • 17:30: The car takes you to the original starting point, Phong Nha Explorer bid farewell to the group, ending the program to see you again.

The tour include:

  • New-generation sightseeing car picks up passengers in Dong Hoi during the program.

  • Vietnamese and English speaking guides specializing in tours at Phong Nha Cave Rescue and supervision tour at Phong Nha Cave.

  • 01 rustic lunch in the heart of Phong Nha Cave.

  • Successful recognition of conquest certificates.

  • Sightseeing tickets: Tickets to visit Phong Nha Cave.

  • Dragon ticket 2 way Phong Nha Cave.

  • Device explorer page: Protect clothes Life jackets for each passenger Battery head Helmet Kayak bout Specialized gabion slippers

  • Lavie mineral water 500ml: 02 bottles / 01 guest / 01 person

  • Cold ticket: 02 pieces / 01 guest / 01 day.

  • Travel insurance, maximum compensation: 20,000,000 VND / 01 guest / 01 case.

     The tour doesn’t include:

  • VAT invoice Personal expenses, meals outside the program What should you bring? Shower blisters 01 set of graphics. Personal backpack. Camera, video recording

  • Power bank for mobile devices.

  • Waterproof for phones, camcorders, photography.


  • Free pick-up and drop-off in the following cases: You arrive early before 07:00AM, the car will pick you up to the company to check in, have a free breakfast and depart according to the program.

  • You have checked out of the hotel and have a late flight, train, or car return after 19:00PM, when the program ends, the car and tour guide will take you back to the company to check in, rest, have dinner and see you off to the airport , bus station, train station. See room Dong Hoi hotel ⇒ Pregnant women, children under 1.3m, the elderly, weak health, history of heart disease, blood pressure will not be allowed to participate in this program for your safety.

  • Before participating in this program, you must make a commitment to ensure good health to make the trip on time and on the announced route.



Address: Hai Thanh – Dong Hoi – Quang Binh

Hotline: 0911,377,268 – 0797,228,777

Email: Daimoctravel@gmail.com

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