Tam Toa Church – Remnants of a war

Quang Binh is an attractive tourist destination, known as “cave kingdom” with many famous landmarks, nature favors the majestic mountains and forests. This place is also a place to keep the heroic history of the nation. A place that is perhaps a witness of a time of war and bombardment of the Vietnamese army and people is Tam Toa church.

Where is Tam Toa Church?

Located on Nguyen Du Street, Dong My Ward, City. Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province, Tam Toa church is considered a meaningful relic for Catholics of Vinh diocese in general and of Tam Toa parishioners in particular. Because of the brutality of the war, Tam Toa Church has only one side of the front wall left standing next to the Nhat Le river, located right on the campus of Nhat Le park, adding more ancient and modern features. of the neighborhood. This is also the beauty of Dong Hoi that tourists often visit when stopping.


In 1887, Tam Toa church was built by the direction of the French priest Clause Bonin. The entire architecture of the church is sophisticatedly designed with each line in the style of Portugal with a height of 10 m. In 1940, priest René Morineau directed the remodeling and renovation of both architecture and decoration to make the “Three Toa Church” more spacious, suitable for the period and suitable for serving parishioners.

Nhà thờ Tam Tòa là nơi diễn ra các buổi lễ lớn của giáo xứ địa phận Vinh.

At that time, Tam Toa church was the place where the prayers, confessions and baptisms of Catholics took place in Tam Toa parish. In 1954, after the  Geneva  agreement was signed, all the people of Tam Toa parish migrated to the South for some reason. Tam Toa Church at that time officially stopped working and was abandoned.

In 1965, the  Three Toa Church. was destroyed by a bomb attack by the US Air Force, leaving only a part of the bell tower and many bullet holes through it. Later, when the country was completely reunified, when the war was over, the Three Toa Church was advocated by the local government to renovate the cabinet, but then it was agreed to keep it as a vestige of the war. wartime.

Hình ảnh nhà thờ Tam Tòa xưa và nay

In 1997, the People’s Committee of Quang Binh province issued Decision No. 143/QD-UB to turn the area of ​​the “bell tower” of Tam Toa church into a provincial historical and cultural relic and build a fence around it to protect the remaining vestiges. left over. On October 23, 2008, the People’s Committee of Quang Binh Province and the Bishop’s Office of Xa Doai had a meeting and agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding with the content that the campus of the Tam Toa church will be maintained for research and education. tradition for the younger generation.

The image of Tam Toa church brings an ancient beauty to the heart of Dong Hoi city. That image is kept forever to remind future generations of the great sacrifice of our ancestors. If you have the opportunity to visit Dong Hoi, you should visit this place.

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