Top delicious restaurants in Dong Hoi that attract foreigners

Referring to Quang Binh, visitors are not only impressed with attractive places such as Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave, white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, poetic rivers, but also impressed with the unique cuisine. in abundance here. Join Dai Moc Travel to name 8 restaurants that are highly appreciated by tourists for their service

1.Tree Hugger Café

Address: 30 Nguyen Du, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

The English Tree Hugger Coffee is “Tree Hugger Café” – a small coffee shop located beside Nhat Le river and Tam Toa church in Dong Hoi city. The cafe was opened with the idea of ​​creating a private space for Dong Hoi people and tourists from near and far to come to discover small things, to read books, to enjoy the cozy atmosphere, even for dreams. dream, and to enjoy fresh drinks and deliciously roasted coffee. The restaurant also serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon and evening meals with simple, hygienic and attractive dishes. When you come here, you can also be provided with information about places to eat and drink as well as information about travel, tour routes in this area.


The shop prioritizes using local ingredients and makes everything small with great love. If you have the opportunity to go to Quang Binh, do not miss this beautiful cafe.

2.  7th Heaven

Address :39 Duong Van An, Dong Hai, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

The restaurant is quite spacious and airy. The restaurant is decorated in a simple but cozy style. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic. If you have been to 7th Heaven and enjoyed our super wonderful dishes, you will surely feel the meticulousness and extreme care from the smallest details of the dishes of the locals. A delicious dish is likened to a work of art that is harmoniously crystallized between the hands and wisdom of the chef. It is the meticulousness and creativity that has brought to diners a dish that is both pleasing to the taste and visually satisfying. The restaurant’s delicious dishes: Pizza with bacon, steak, croissant Buffalo Horn, Lasagna, beef spaghetti with wine sauce…

In short, 7th Heaven Restaurant is one of the favorite restaurants in Quang Binh by delicious food, beautiful space, highly recommend you to try it!

3. Geminai Restaurant

Address: 56 Nguyen Du, Dong Hai, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

The restaurant is quite large and airy, decorated in a simple style to create a cozy space, suitable for families and couples. However, because it is very crowded, especially on weekends, it is quite busy. Enthusiastic service staff. The restaurant’s delicious dishes: Salmon salad with spicy and sour sauce (249k), papaya salad with three slices (99k), stir-fried with cinnamon leaves (120), pad Thai with beef and eggs (109k), fried rice with fish sauce (139k), TomYum Thai Hot Pot (399k)

Geminai Restaurant is one of the famous delicious restaurants in Dong Hoi, chosen by many families and couples as a place to date, relax, to enjoy delicious food. This is one of my favorite restaurants, I highly recommend you to try it!

4. Buffalo Home & Chillbar Restaurant

Address: 14 Nguyen Du, Dong Hai, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

With a rather chill and European-style design at Buffalo Home & Chill Bar, the majority of guests staying at Buffalo Home & Chill Bar are foreigners, a meeting place for tourists from many countries around the world. This is also a favorite destination of young people in Dong Hoi.

5. Chang Chang seafood restaurant

Address: Pham Van Dong, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Located in the heart of the city, Chang Chang Seafood has all 3 floors with names for each Quang Binh-style room: Son Doong room, Phong Nha room, Nhat Le room, … From outside to decor, all are all very neat. Diners coming here will be extremely excited by the spacious and airy space of the restaurant, in addition, with the super cool photo backgrounds that will surely hold back the virtual believers. In other words, when coming to Chang Chang, you will discover the culture and people of Quang Binh through the taste of food and the space here. The menu here is extremely rich and varied. Especially the fresh seafood at Chang Chang Seafood is the famous highlight of this brand: milk oysters, shrimp, abalone, king crab, … Fresh seafood, firm meat and plenty. In addition, the dishes here are seasoned with rich spices, just mouth, whether adults or children, when eating, they are also fascinated.

Another plus point in Chang Chang is that when you book a party here, you will be given a very nice decoration combo or a very convenient and quality photography service. You should come and try Chang Chang Seafood once!

6. Chanh restaurant

Address: 40 Le Quy Don, Dong Hai, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Referring to delicious, clean and beautiful restaurants in Quang Binh, we can’t help but mention Chanh restaurant. This is a restaurant located on Le Quy Don street, in the heart of the magnificent city of Dong Hoi. The space of Chanh restaurant is quite spacious and airy. The overall appearance looks simple, but it’s unbelievable. The main color of Chanh restaurant is light yellow, in addition to the use of lanterns as decorative accents, it looks very eye-catching, sometimes customers even feel like stepping into a miniature Hoi An. it’s more! You will have the choice of indoor or outdoor space when coming here, but in my opinion each location will have its own advantages.

In addition, the staff of Chanh restaurant is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated to support customers. When coming to Chanh restaurant, you can be suggested by the staff to set menus suitable for your group and family, which will really make customers satisfied. Besides, Chanh restaurant also supports delivery service to your home if needed. With the criterion: “Customers are dear family”, Chanh restaurant is probably a very suitable restaurant for foodies.

7. Ngoc Toan restaurant 

Address: 118 Huu Nghi, Nam Ly, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Ngoc Toan is a restaurant that has made a deep impression and created special attention not only for domestic tourists but also foreign tourists. every time I visit Quang Binh. The unique and strange design of Ngoc Toan probably aroused the curiosity to come here, it is an extremely luxurious style with a completely wooden interior design. In addition, Ngoc Toan’s professional style has also brought constant praise from customers.

In addition, forest and seafood specialties: shrimp, crab, etc. are also introduced to diners by Ngoc Toan in turn. All the dishes here are very tasty and delicious, making customers immerse but can’t forget. If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Binh, Ngoc Toan will be the right restaurant for you.

8. Sabochi restaurant

Address: 25/8 23 Street, Hai Dinh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

As a restaurant specializing in using Bo Chinh Ginseng as the main ingredient to serve dishes for diners, the dishes here have bold central cuisine colors. More specifically, from safe and fresh ingredients, under the hands of Vietnam’s leading professional chef – Master Chef Pham Tuan Hai (judge of the Vietnam King Chef competition) will produce beautiful dishes. eye, delicious but also very nutritious for health. The dishes at Sabochi are extremely unique and diverse: deep-fried ginseng, ginseng shrimp cakes, ginseng pigeon porridge, ginseng oxtail hot pot, … From appetizers to main dishes, all have a bold flavor. momentum, making it hard for diners to forget.

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