Tu Lan Cave – an exciting adventure travel experience

Tu Lan is a cave in Tan Hoa village, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh, Vietnam. It is about 70km northwest of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Compared to other caves, Tu Lan was discovered in 2009. Tu Lan cave system includes 10 different large and small caves including Hung Ton cave discovered in 1992 and the other 9 caves. discovered in the last few years. Tu Lan is more and more known and is an ideal destination for those who love trekking and mountain climbing.

The lake in the cave is emerald green so beautiful

One of the masterpieces that Mother Nature has bestowed on Tu Lan is the system of stalactites and stalagmites. In the Tu Lan cave system, the place with the most beautiful stalactites is probably in Son cave. Coming here, you will admire the stalagmites with many different shapes.

The food is carefully prepared and delicious by the poster in the journey to explore the cave

Not only that, if Hang Son attracts people with the beauty of stalactites and perennial stalagmites, Hang Ken is an extremely beautiful work of art. You can come across stalactites of all shapes and sizes, delighting in your creations.

In the journey to explore Tu Lan cave lasting 3 days and 2 nights, you will have the opportunity to explore 2 dry caves and 4 wet caves. In which Mouse Cave and Oxalis Cave are 2 dry caves. Mouse Cave will be the first cave in your discovery journey for you to set foot in. The trekking route in Mouse Cave is relatively easy and not too challenging.

In addition, Son Oxalis cave also brings you many interesting experiences. Trekking inside this dry cave you will have to crawl or slide from one place to another. Even in some corners of the cave it was completely in the dark! After trekking through 2 dry caves, you will come to 4 wet caves: Hang Ken, Hung Ton, Hang Kim and Tu Lan cave. Compared to trekking, swimming in these wet caves is often much more complicated. If you do not know how to swim, there is no need to worry because each person will be fully equipped with safety equipment.


In Ken Cave, you will have to row a boat for the first 100m to get to the shore, then climb and crawl through narrow stone tunnels. Finally, you will come to a passage where there is a door that welcomes the beautiful sunlight.

Instead of organizing overnight camping inside the caves, with the journey to discover Tu Lan cave, you can experience overnight camping outdoors. The campsites are set up in the dense forests, next to the rock lake and the river creating an extremely poetic scene.

The feeling of camping and sleeping in the open air, watching the stars twinkling in the night or organizing a barbecue party will definitely contribute to making your trip much more enjoyable.

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