Windfall – Botanical Garden – attractive eco-tourism in Quang Binh

A tourist attraction that always attracts domestic and foreign tourists is Wind Waterfall – Botanical Garden. Because of its wild and majestic beauty. Especially, for those who love trekking, this is an ideal place to visit that should not be missed in Quang Binh.

Wind Waterfall – Botanical Garden is a nature reserve with an area of ​​​​over 40 hectares located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, with unspoiled and majestic beauty, an attractive attraction for tourists when traveling. Quang Binh. Coming to the Botanical Garden, you can immerse yourself in the wild nature, have the opportunity to learn about the rich and rare flora and fauna ecosystem of the primeval forest.

The beauty is like a fairy scene at the wind waterfall in Phong Nha Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden includes: Windfall, Vang Anh Lake, specimen gallery, interpretive trail, seedling nursery and subdivision of precious trees. The highlight of the botanical garden is the beautiful landscape hidden in the tropical forest such as Gio waterfall over 30m high, Vang Anh lake on 3-slot stream, native seedling nursery, rare forest with populations of green iron .


From Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center (Phong Nha town, Bo Trach district), visitors follow the road 20 Quyet Thang to km 9 and then turn into the Botanical Garden. Before entering the forest, visitors will be able to visit the exhibition and storage house of rare and precious animal and plant samples with characteristics of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. These specimens are for scientific research and environmental interpretation. Visitors can see a collection of specimens of endemic and rare plant and animal species of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and some samples of geomorphology, specimens of 4-ray corals. This is scientific evidence of an ancient geomorphological system that formed over 400 million years ago, which few places can see.

Botanical Garden Gallery

Leaving the gallery, visitors follow a small stone path to explore the 40-hectare old forest. The deeper you go, the cool and fresh air, dispelling the hot summer day. The flora is rich with nearly 500 species of trees of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Among them can be mentioned some rare and precious tree species with a circumference of up to 300cm such as green iron, mahogany, Huynh and especially the presence of the hundred-year-old Vietnamese star tree with a circumference of more than 3 people hugging, one New rare and precious tree species have been named and identified with scientific nomenclature.

Phong Nha Botanical Garden is always attractive to visitors

After about 15 minutes of walking, the paved road leads visitors to the Wind waterfall, which is hidden under the canopy of the primeval forest. Wind Waterfall originates from Vang Anh stream, dropping water from a height of about 30m, soft water looks like a white carpet hanging down the rock floors. Visitors can stop on the first wooden stairs from above to watch the Wind waterfall blowing white foam. Following the precarious wooden stairs on the side of the cliff, visitors are getting closer and closer to the foot of the Wind waterfall so that they can touch the cool water flowing from the mountain.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang miniature

Starting from the end of the Wind waterfall, the slot becomes narrower and deeper. To go deep into the forest, visitors have to swing by a big rope that runs along the crevice. Slippery rocks, deep stream beds hidden and hidden, craggy cliffs … make the journey of discovery intertwined with a sense of adventure, conquering challenges, making it more attractive to visitors.


Windfall – botanical garden is very suitable for small groups

Botanical garden is considered a miniature version of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park with rich flora and fauna, with birds such as Hong Hoang, Cong,… Especially, to visit attractions different, visitors experience the feeling of conquering challenges and adventure. With a total length of sightseeing routes about 4,000m long, this place is really an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists.


Mr. Nguyen Huu Thai – Deputy Director of Phong Nha – Ke Bang Tourism Center said: “The botanical garden has been supplemented with many solutions to meet the sightseeing needs of tourists when coming to experience; upgrading and maintaining sightseeing routes, creating highlights along the route. In the coming time, the unit will continue to do well in promoting, maintaining and developing a number of services such as motels, portable sleeping tents so that visitors can organize camping and have great experiences. such as observing nocturnal animals, exchanging campfires, sleeping overnight in the primeval forest. We hope that visitors coming to the Botanical Garden and Wonders of Wind Waterfall will always experience new sensations and impressions.”

Ticket price to visit Phong Nha Botanical Garden. Coming to Phong Nha Botanical Garden, visitors need to buy entrance tickets with the following ticket prices:

+ For adults, entrance tickets cost 40,000 VND / 1 turn / 1 person.

+ For children under 130 cm will be free admission.

+ Especially for students and students traveling in groups will be discounted half of the normal price. Above is some information about tourism to visit Phong Nha Botanical Garden. Wish you have a nice trip!

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