Address: Son Trach, Bo Trach, Quang Binh Ho Khanh’s Homestay is a suitable place for those who love “tea”. Mr. Ho Khanh, the owner of the homestay, is also credited with discovering the Thien Duong cave system – the longest dry cave in Asia today and Hang Son Doong “the largest cave in the world”. Coming to the homestay experience, you will be invited to a cup of hot tea in the majestic natural scenery of Quang Binh.

Phong Nha traditional house architecture is very chill.

Ho Khanh’s Homestay will let you experience the feeling of locals because very few homestays have a traditional Phong Nha design like Ho Khanh’s homestay. The wood details and textures are hand-carved by Mr. Ho Khanh himself, a carpenter. Seeing these works of art will make you sink into a peaceful, ecstatic space in the middle of Phong Nha mountains and forests.

Thanks to the view overlooking the Son River, and the mountains and forests, catching the sunrise and sunset are both wonderful experiences. What can be happier than a cup of tea, coffee, fingers fidgeting with each page of a book, by the riverside, dropping your soul into the gently rippling waves, watching the fishes rise and then dive again. Wind blowing. It’s heaven If you are looking for a homestay in Quang Binh with a beautiful view, don’t forget to visit Ho Khanh Homestay to have an interesting experience. Some pictures of the homestay.

The brain room is decorated with wood so you will feel very cool

Homestay has a traditional and modern design that is extremely close to visitors.

Please contact us for advice: 0797 228 777