Nhat Le Beach – Dong Hoi – one of the most beautiful beaches in the central region

Nhat Le is the name of a beach in  Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province. Nhat Le Beach is located at the mouth of Nhat Le River, still wild, with white sand and clear blue sea. Nhat Le Beach is endowed with white sand and clear blue sea by nature, still unspoiled. With perennial poplars planted on the shore, creating a poetic scene for the sea. Nhat Le beach has long been famous for a region of clouds, rivers, water, windy air and salty sea air.

Sunrise on Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le Beach extends a white sand color, when the weather is cool and windy, the beach is as clean as new, the sand is fine, hard and iridescent, you can ride a bike or play football comfortably. From the sea far away, layers of silver waves approach the shore like flower clusters with white foam that looks like a string of white pearls rolling ashore, resounding incessant murmuring sounds. The beach here is gentle and very safe, the cool breeze blowing along with the sound of waves crashing creates a symphony of nature with many melodious levels. Walking on the smooth and clean white sand, it feels interesting when each wave washes ashore, caresses the feet and then gently retreats after skillfully erasing the marks.

Nhat Le Beach is one of the beautiful check-in points in Dong Hoi that visitors should never miss

Nhat Le Beach also has romantic moments when the sunset gradually falls, this is the time to settle down for romantic dates, a vast sea with a distant horizon brings visitors into a space. Large, poetic and charming.

Sunset on Nhat Le beach is an attraction that tourists always want to experience

The best time to come to Nhat Le beach is from May to August. Tourists coming here, in addition to freely swimming with the waves, also have the opportunity to enjoy many fresh and delicious seafood of the region. Quang Binh sea, from Oysters, Clams, Blood cockles, Silk scallops, Scallops, Crab, Lobster, Squid… to grouper, Ho fish, Chim fish, Betel nut, Red fish, Eel, Hanh fish… Professionally processed by restaurants along the coastal road. If not too picky, visitors can also enjoy right at the beach by the street vendors, but with only a small charcoal stove, they can still bring attractive grilled or boiled dishes. A special feature here is that visitors do not have to wait long because there are always available “appetizers” with local colors such as Bot filter cake, Nam cake with fish sauce with a very unique flavor, just enough to sip but also help. impatient.


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