Phong Nha Cave – always attracts tourists

Phong Nha Cave is the most typical wonder in terms of aesthetic and geological values ​​of the natural world. The British Royal Cave Expedition, after explorations (1994) with beautiful and impressive photos, Phong Nha was introduced through the International Caver magazine, which has been widely distributed. . Many articles and photo sets about Phong Nha cave have been published and introduced on 14 major universities in Europe. According to cave explorers, Phong Nha cave is the only cave in Vietnam that meets 7 criteria: The cave has the most beautiful underground river; There are high and wide cave entrances; There are beautiful sandy beaches and reefs; There is a beautiful underground lake; There is a large and beautiful dry cave; There is a system of magical and magnificent stalactites; The longest water cave. And since then, Phong Nha cave is known by many people as a first wonder.

Tour 4500m Phong Nha Cave takes you to discover the works in the cave


From Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh province, take Phan Dinh Phung street along Ho Chi Minh road to start the tour to discover Phong Nha cave “World Natural Heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang”, to Phong Nha, visitors get off The boat dock follows the Son River into Phong Nha cave.

Son River is always a name associated with the beauty of Phong Nha Cave

When arriving at the door of the cave, the boat turns off the engine and paddles to bring visitors deep into the cave. The deeper you go inside, the sweltering feeling of summer in the central region of Laos, the wind immediately disappears, the light at this time fades and disappears completely, a ghostly, wonderful world ….appears.. Here, visitors will start their tour of the cave with 7 criteria voted by the Royal British Cave Association. The main part of Phong Nha cave consists of 14 cave chambers, connected by a water corridor up to 1500m long.

A fanciful shimmering world in Phong Nha cave with a length of 7,292m

The outer caves have ceilings about 10m above the water surface. From the 4th cave onwards, the ceiling of the cave rises from 25-50m high. In addition, after the 14th cave, there are other corridors that go deeper to reach larger caves but are somewhat risky because the limestone weathering process continues, so the tour usually only goes to the cave. 14th and then redirect. And when coming to Bi Ky cave, the boat will stop for visitors to visit Phong Nha cave close-up with stalactites hanging down from above, stalagmites from below protruding like forest trees, corridors covered with stalactites and stalactites. Unique shapes for visitors to freely wear their imagination.


Leaving Bi Ky cave, the boat continues to Tien cave and Cung Dinh cave. Visitors will have the feeling of being lost in a palatial palace, with all kinds of stalactites with a magical appearance as a multi-dimensional art display of nature.

In particular, here visitors can also see the ancient vestiges of the Champa people, represented by the characters left on the cliffs. Witnessing the strange images of the natural creation, each visitor cannot help but be touched by the beauty of stalactites. Beauty has extremely wild but peculiar shapes and always knows how to attract all eyes of tourists with the primitive strange shapes that the human imagination freely assigns. there are so many legends and legends… Hard to describe the majestic beauty of the chambers, the limestone corridors covered with stalactites glittering under the torchlight of the underground river.

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